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Jenn Air Built In Refrigerators

jenn air built in refrigerators

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    jenn air
  • Louis J. Jenn founded the Jenn-Air Products Company in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1947, this later became simply Jenn-Air. In the early years, the company was focused on manufacturing and marketing of industrial fans for use in a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

    built in
  • constructed as a non-detachable part of a larger structure; being an essential and permanent part of something; of an included feature that normally comes as an extra

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Former Coty Building

Former Coty Building

Fifth Avenue, Midtown Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States

The former Coty Building, built in 1907-08 is a significant reminder of Fifth Avenue at the turn of the century, when the avenue, south of 59th Street, was shifting from residential to commercial use. Designed by Woodruff Leeming, the building employs French design details which visually link it and harmonize it with its Fifth Avenue neighbors.

Commissioned by real estate investor Charles A. Gould, the entire building was leased to perfumer Francois Coty in 1910 to serve as his American headquarters. Shortly after acquiring the building, Coty commissioned the great 20th-century glassmaker Rene Lalique to design a set of decorative glass windows which extends from and unifies the third through fiftn floors, creating an overall composition. These windows, in their form and design are an extraordinary survivor and are unique in New York.

These windows are unique in New York City. Intrinsically linked with Coty, they are an important architectural feature of the building which give it special character and significance.

While Coty occupied three floors of the building, it in turn subleased the ground floor and mezzanine and the attic floor to other tenants. Coty's original lease ran until 1931; this was extended until 1952 but cancelled in 1941 when Coty consolidated its operations at 423 West 55th Street.

Thus, the architectural design and the history of No. 714 exenplifies the character of Fifth Avenue as an exclusive shopping street. Only seven years after the building was completed, Fifth Avenue was described as:

. . . one of the world's famous streets. What Regent and Bond Streets are to London, the Rue de la Paix to Paris, the Unter den Linden to Berlin, the Ringstrasse to Vienna, irifth Avenue is to New York. It is the most aesthetic expression of the material side of the metropolis . ... from 34th to 59th Streets, department stores and exclusive shops new predominate, having either swept away or flowed around churches, clubs, hotels and residences. . . . establishments wherein may be found products of the greatest ancient and modern artisans make this part of Fifth Avenue one of the most magnificent streets in the world.
No. 714 remains as an excellent example of the type of building which led to of Fifth Avenue originally made in 1915, and causes Fifth Avenue still to be perceived "as one of the most magnificent streets in the world. "


The six-story former Coty Building is designed as a frame, setting off a wall of glass, This composition proclaims the commercial use of the building while retaining a basic residential height and scale. The first two stories are designed as a unit framing a shopfront. The current shopfront is a recent installation.

Flanking limestone-faced piers set on paneled bases support a modillioned cornice carried on console brackets which flew over simple capitals. The third through the fifth stories are also handled as a unit, surrounded by an overall limestone enframement with architrave motif and bell-flower pendants.

Crisply modelled cast-steel spandrels separate the third and fourth, and forth and fifth stories. Keystones in the spandrels accent several of the windows. Each floor contains five window bays, separated only by vertical steel mullions; the outer mullions have decorative motifs. The central bay at the third floor is accented by an arched pediment with scallop motif, carried on diminutive brackets.

This window bay articulation is original to the building, but the original casements were removed for the insertion of the Lalique glass windows. Each bay contains a multi-paned casement set be lew a multi-paned transom. The central bays contain clear glass, while the side bays contain the decorative glass. The glass forms a continuous overall design extending up through all three floors and is composed of intertwining vines and tulips, recalling Lalique's earlier Art Nouveau work. Only from the exterior can the overall effect of the design as it extends upward be perceived.

The glass itself is approximately one-half inch thick, set in metal frames, with the raised portion of the design facing the exterior. A modillioned cornice with console brackets which supports a balustrade sets off the sixth, attic story. The sloping metal-covered roof of this story contains two segmental arched dormers which flank skylights set flush with the roof.

The roof features are a major element linking No. 714 with its neighbors, while the slope of the roof creates a sense of depth for the building An elevator penthouse rises slightly above the roof at the south. The northern party wall is partially exposed and has been painted.


Today the former Coty Building survives as a reminder of that period when this section of Fifth Avenue was shifting from a prestigious residential precinct to an elegant shopping street. Its overall form was specially designed to enhance



This apartment was custom-built for the original owner of the building. It has two spacious bedrooms with large closets and baths, large living room with fireplace, spacious family room, and a small office. It has new carpeting, ceramic tile floors, new blinds, Hunter ceiling fans and central heat and air conditioning. The large kitchen is equipped with upgraded appliances including a built in oven and microwave, side by side refrigerator with ice maker and water dispenser, Jenn-air smooth surface radiant cook top with grill, center island cooking area, dishwasher and garbage disposer. Two covered off-street parking spaces are also provided in gated garage. Common courtyard area for BBQ and plants. Cats are accepted, sorry, no dogs.

jenn air built in refrigerators

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